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2023 New WOS E50 cordless tattoo pen machine LED Display 0.1V 1V Adjustable Cartridge Battery Pen Gun Professional Makeup Instruments Pens

2023 New WOS E50 cordless tattoo pen machine LED Display 0.1V 1V Adjustable Cartridge Battery Pen Gun Professional Makeup Instruments Pens

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2023 New WOS E50 cordless tattoo pen machine  LED Display 0.1V 1V Adjustable Cartridge Battery Pen Gun Professional Makeup Instruments Pens  



WOS E50 cordless tattoo pen machine may be the most functional tattoo pen.


Wos E50 cordless tattoo pen machine,Many super high evaluation feedback from purchasing customers.


Public consensus

Super easy to thorn, super easy to color, matching method reference value

It is recommended that the wheelbase does not exceed 4.5 and the voltage is 5.9, both up and down


Wos E50 cordless tattoo pen machine Dual Battery Wireless Adjustable Pen - Full Set


The first free adjustment of eccentric shaft

Wheelbase stroke 3.0 - 5.0 (custom adjustment)


Between 3.0 - 5.0, you can adjust as much wheelbase stroke as you want

Three types of wheelbase strokes are not fixed


Forced start function can be switched


A dual-battery cordless tattoo pen machine worth owning

The wheelbase stroke of one unit exceeds five units


The penetrating feel of the wheelbase of the pendulum needle can be adjusted according to personal preference


allows you to render any

Thick and Thin Line Resistance - Pin Point Line Fog - Cortex etc.

The principle of tattoo-related coping is like eating a hamburger.


"Welcome to inquire - limited quantity" Available in black and Grey.


SPECIFICATION OF WOS E50 Cordless Tattoo Pen Machine

Uses: body art for tattoo artists, permanent makeup

Stroke: 5 strokes freely adjustable 3.0-3.5-4.0-4.5--5.0MM

Motor: powerful brushless motor

Torque: 280G

Speed: 12V-10500RPM

Working voltage: 6-9V

Needle: Universal Tattoo Needle

Features: permanent

Material: aluminum alloy

Diameter: 33MM, Height: 137MM, Weight: 190G

Included: 1  cordless tattoo pen machine, 2 Lithium Batteries, 1 Dual Charger, 1 Small Tool Bag.




The consignee may need to pay a certain amount of customs duties when receiving the goods. Due to the different customs regulations of each country, the tariff rate is also different, ranging from 10% to 100%.

The consignee needs customs clearance capabilities. According to the customs regulations of some countries, when the product is cleared, the consignee needs to provide a personal tax ID number, and some countries even need to provide a certificate of import and export rights.


When purchasing, please be sure to understand the customs regulations and tax rates of your country.


How to install and use WOS-E50.


Let me introduce the main components of the product to you.


The bottom round tube is the handle. Hold this part in your hand as you work.


The circular tube above the handle is the transmission cabin, and the transmission structure is housed inside. There are positioning balls and damping rings on the transmission compartment. We can align and tighten the handle and drive housing.

There is a motor inside the transmission compartment, and an eccentric wheel is installed on the motor, and the machine drives the eccentric wheel to work through the motor.


There is a screw on the side of the eccentric, we can loosen this screw to adjust the stroke. The stroke can be adjusted freely within the range of 3.0-5.0mm, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0mm, at least 5 strokes can be adjusted. Tattoo artists can choose their favorite stroke positions according to their preferences. When installing the product, attention should be paid to the swing arm and the small steel ball being installed vertically downward naturally. After screwing in a turn or two, check that the small steel ball is facing the small hole at the lower end of the handle. If you can see the small steel ball in the small hole, you can continue to tighten.


The part above the transmission compartment is the battery compartment. We went with two 1850mAh Panasonic batteries, the best in the business. You only need to install one when working. One can work for about 7 hours, and the other can be charged. Both can be used interchangeably. After the two are fully charged, they can work continuously for 14 hours, which is enough for a tattoo artist to use for a day. This 1850 standard battery is available worldwide. The installation of the battery is to put the positive pole on the top, the negative pole on the bottom, and tighten the cover with screws.


The top is the cover, and the circuit board is integrated in the cover. There is an LED touch display control panel on the cover.


Long press the power button to turn the device on or off, and touch the up and down arrows next to the power button to adjust the voltage. Each touch, the voltage can be adjusted by 0.1V. Long press to increase or decrease the voltage by 1V. Click the power button to start or pause the machine.


We come with a charger that can charge two batteries at a time, or one battery at a time. It takes two to three hours to fully charge the battery. The charger adopts a USB interface, which is compatible with a mobile phone charging plug with a USB interface.





WOS TATTOO is a high-level new star brand in the tattoo beauty industry, which is very focused on design and innovation. Because our main designer was born as a tattoo artist and has ten years of experience as a tattoo artist. He has particularly strong R&D and innovation capabilities. His design pays special attention to the tattoo artist's experience and sense of practical use, and pays attention to the innovation of the internal transmission structure, not just the change of the appearance of the machine. Our  cordless tattoo pen machine is specially designed for tattoo artists.


We have unique insights into the pros and cons of various tattoo machines. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various tattoo machines, we continue to develop and improve tattoo machines, which is an industry-leading technology, and we are proud to be one of the most advanced tattoo machine manufacturers.

We have our own factory and our own trading company, which can provide one-stop service of design and development, production and processing, and foreign trade sales.

We can provide OEM and ODM brand customization services for distributors all over the world.

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